Did you know…

I accept commissions! If you’re interested in having me create artwork especially for you, your home, your office, as a gift, or for a special project, just reach out! I would love to work with you.

I love to create anything fantasy! I typically won’t accept any commissioned artwork that wouldn’t seamlessly fit into my current portfolio of artwork.

I typically steer clear of standard portraits of people/animals that require a likeness. I prefer not to commit to this because my style is not entirely based on reality. Some exceptions are possible if you’re looking for an interpretation of real figures in my particular style. I will not create anything that promotes hatred or non-fantasy violence (for example, orcs vs. elves are fair game).

Trust and communication are important to this process to ensure great creativity and a wonderful experience for all.


Here are a few common types of commissions that I’ve done. I’m not limited to any of these so if you have an idea, please contact me and we’ll see how I can make it happen.


I work with authors to create custom artwork and typography for book covers as well as designs of their characters! This includes, but is not limited to large scale prints, character art cards, postcards, stickers, and buttons.   

Examples coming soon!


Whether it’s a stylized quote, a line from a song, or a bunch of words about a place or a person, I’m happy to create custom typographic pieces in a variety of sizes.   

Examples coming soon!


I’ve created tattoos for many clients over the years. I would love to work with you to create an awesome design for your new ink. Please note, tattoo artists are artists too! What I create serves as a guide for them and is often not exactly the same on skin depending on the design.

Examples coming soon!

In addition to commissions, I accept a variety of freelance work!